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Maureen Brody was PTA president at Lee High School (now Lewis), served on a curriculum advisory board under Anthony Lane, and has been involved in educating youth her whole adult life. A lifelong county resident currently living in Springfield, Maureen graduated from Madison High School in Vienna and owns an editing business. 

Practical Corrections for a System in Crisis

Refocus curriculum on fundamentals

• Students will graduate ready to serve the country, earn a living wage, or get a degree.

• Phonics, math, coding, scientific method, and grammar will take priority.

Get spending under control

• Fairfax County schools are tens of millions of dollars in the hole.

• End the waste and focus resources on academics and security. 

• Conduct an independent audit.

Improve low-performing schools

• Add back languages, accelerated learning, and academic clubs and programs that have been systematically reduced.

• There will no longer be academic and  extracurricular deserts in this county.

Modernize school infrastructure

• Put high-speed internet, vocational technology, working HVAC, and accessible clean water in every school.

Principles of Education: 

School should instill a love of learning.
Parents are the primary governors of their children’s education.
Teaching is a profession and should be treated as such.
Education is a public good, but not only public education is a good.
Schools must be secure.

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